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With Alobodo, Work and get your Works Done!

Alobodo is a thoroughly free application for provision of mobile services by the use of which everybody can post an ad regarding their expertise such as electric works, automobile mechanics, painting, teaching, cleaning, gardening and so on, and start making income effortlessly. Using Alobodo, service seekers too can select the closest service provider based on the expertise they need and according to the ratings and feedbacks they have received; in this way they can experience the most pleasant and yet different manner of receiving on-site services.


Rating and Feedbacks

The rating system makes sure experts and service applicants will have a great experience working with Alobodo. In fact the rating and feedbacks in Alobodo are highly important and experts with low rates may lose their access to the system.

Work Sample Review

in order to make a better understanding of service providers’ expertise level, Alobodo provides the possibility to review the work samples of the experts.

Ease of Use

The simple and user friendly interface of Alobodo allows the users to experience the easiest and yet fastest manner of receiving services.

Variety Of Services

Alobodo supports various services allowing anyone with any set of skills or anyone requiring a specific expertise to use this software and meet his needs.

Mobile Services

Irrespective of your current location, you can always find a service provider skilled and admissible enough to undertake the task. In fact Alobodo provides everyone with an opportunity to introduce their skills to the world.


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