Alobodo system is a simple but professional tool that introduces service requests on-service’s sites or online. People can receive the services that they need immediately and save their time and money. Alobodo software with a unique and user-friendly design provides a suitable environment to introduce transportable businesses for everyone. By Alobodo, anyone with their own expertise and profession can introduce their skills and attract customers. In other words, Alobodo is in a position to link the user with the professional service provider.


Multi Currency (MC)

Medis supports many international currencies including traditional ones (USD, EUR) and digital units such as Dor and Bitcoin.

Multi Language (ML)

Medis products and solutions support variety of languages worldwide. Adding a new language pack is just the matter of seconds.

Multi Era (ME)

Medis solutions respect international calendars including Jalali, Gregorian, and Chinese. This allows customers to set up their business based on their local calendar worldwide and interchange calendars any time.

Multi Role (MR)

Medis features multi role technology in all solutions. Users are classified with variety of actions, roles and permissions. The system controls their working flow and audits every single move they make.

Multi Theme (MT)

Medis respects user experience and ease of access. All solutions supports multi theme architecture where content and view are kept separately but presented in a responsive mode suitable for any kind of screen.

Variety of Services

Alobodo supports various types of services. Everyone with any profession or anyone who need help from an expert, will be able to use Alobodo services. Alobodo offers adept services to people with different professions and needs.

Mobility of Services

Despite your current location, you can always find out an expert who is professional enough to do your job (delegate your job). Any one has the opportunity to introduce their skills to the world.

Ease of Use

With the help of Alobodo’s user friendly and easy to use application environment, users can experience the easiest and fastest service delivery.

Technician Ratings and Reviews

Rating allows us to ensure a great experience for both experts and users. Ratings are takes seriously. Experts with low ratings may lose the access to the Alobodo app.

Presenting Work Samples

Alobodo provides work sample review in order to better understanding of the expert’s skill level.

Alobodo App.

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